How do I make sure my emails are not going to spam?

If you use Email as one of the main communication channels with your clients and leads, you are afraid of being trapped in spam.

That’s why Docsify made a lot to make your deliverability as high as it’s possible. So here are the steps you need to do to forget about Spam folder.

1. Set up your custom domain for email and link tracking.

Docsify inserts a 1x1 pixel in order to track emails, and if you’ll have your own domain name on it, Docsify’s domain won’t make any impact on deliverability.

To do that, take a look at this guide

Read this article in our blog to learn more about how to avoid spam filters.

2. Disable open/email tracking when you send your first email to someone.

Since in your tracked email there is 1x1 Pixel, Google and Gmail define that as an image and reduces the spam score.

Note. If you had a conversation, a tracking pixel as an image makes a minimum impact on deliverability, but in your first email to someone, Gmail may consider this image (1x1 pixel) as something spammy.

To disable email tracking - just uncheck “Open” on tracking options 99fde801.png

3. Don’t add huge images in your signature.

It looks awesome, but huge images in signature make an influence on your deliverability. So try to avoid it.

4. The Image/Text balance

Gmail’s algorithms say that if you send a lot of images and no text you might be a spammer. So take a look at your emails and try to have a balance between images and text.

We recommend having at least 100 words on 1 image

**5. Don’t actually spam from your main domain **

To not be detected as a spammer, try not to be a spammer :)

If you do cold emailing, the domain you use in your emails will be getting worse and worse day to day. So if you do cold emailing don’t use your own domains, use similar, for example:

“” - main

“” - domain for cold outreach

Last updated on 16th June 2020

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