How to Uninstall Docsify?

It’s sad to see that you want to stop using Docsify 😢…

But if you want to do it please follow these steps to uninstall Docsify from your Chrome:

  • 👉 Visit Chrome Extensions chrome://extensions/
  • 👉 Find Docsify
  • 👉 Remove it
Screenshot_2 (4).png

I want to draw your attention that Docsify is a tool that consists of 2 parts:

1. - it's your web account (admin panel with settings and dashboard).

2. Chrome extension - it is an addon that allows you to send tracked emails directly from your Gmail account.

So if you delete your extension you just lose an opportunity to track your new emails in Gmail.

You still have Docsify web account. So don't worry if you keep getting notifications when someone interacts with your old emails (emails that you sent with Docsify in the past).

❗️ If you had any issues please contact us at

❗️❗️ If you want to totally delete your account - write to us at with “Delete account” in Subject Line

Last updated on 9th June 2020

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