Why Docsify's pricing is more profitable

Right now Docsify provides you with pre-set pricing bundles:

Pro Personal (2 users included)

Pro Team 10 (10 users included)

PRO Team 25 (25 users included)

PRO Team 50 (50 users included)


Why is it cheaper? Take a look at the simple math.

For example:

1 Boomerang user per year = 10 Docsify users per year = $149

As you can see below, the new Docsify pricing is more profitable than others too:


The more users you have the less you pay)

So you can use Docsify within your whole team (or even company) and save money.

Use cases that you may interest in:

☑ If you have 3 users on your team right now, you can buy the Docsify TEAM 10 plan (for $149 per year). It’ll still be cheaper than to pay, for example, for 3 individual users, using The Right Inbox ($213 per year). Moreover, you can keep growing your team up to 10 users without extra charges.

☑ If you use Docsify for yourself only, you can upgrade to the Docsify Personal plan that includes 2 users and keep using it for working and personal Gmail account for only $49 per year.

Last updated on 9th June 2020

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