How can non-gmail users work with Docsify?

You're not using Gmail or G Suite but still want to get the value using Docsify.

This is a quick guide for you.

(Here we'll use an Outlook email account as an example, but you may use this guide for any other email provider: Zoho, Hotmail, Yandex, and so on.)

Step #1 Create a new Gmail account. For example - "" Don't worry it's free.

Step #2 Go to the Gmail Settings / Accounts and Import / Add another email account non-gmail.png

Step #3 Choose the Name and enter your Outlook email address. 2.png

Step #4 Enter SMTP server and port number. 3.png

Please use a Google search if you need to find this data. For example, for Outlook you can find this data here.

Step #5 Enter the confirmation code, which will be sent to your Outlook account. 4.png

Step #6 Go to Settings / Accounts and Import.

And choose your Outlook email as default. 5.png

Step #7 So now you can send Outlook emails from the Gmail interface and your emails will be tracked via Docsify.

Step #8 Go to Outlook / Settings / Accounts / Forwarding.

And choose your Gmail account. 6.png

That's it.

Last updated on 9th June 2020

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