Why are email opens not being detected?

You get statistics about who opened your emails and when. And to give you such a data Docsify needs to put an invisible 1x1 pixel into your email.


And sometimes you can see such a situation - when someone clicked a link but Didn’t open your email.

Docsify might not track email open signals for one of those reasons:


1. Auto-Image loading is disabled.

By default, the majority of email clients will automatically load images in the body of the received email. But sometimes users will ON "disable" this behavior, and block all images. Doing so will block the tracking pixel from being loaded, and Docsify will not be able to detect the event.

BUT all other types of content: links, documents, and attachments will be tracked.

More details in the article "Why Just Email Open Rate Really Sucks".


2. You are sending an email to yourself. And if you want to test Docsify by yourself just follow these rules.

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