How to test Docsify by your own?


Tracking accuracy is one of the advantages of Docsify comparing to alternatives (If you still haven’t seen our article about why just email-open tracking suck, take a look at it).


 Not just because Docsify provides deep tracking, but also because we made lots of things to prevent spoiling statistics by your own opens and clicks as a sender.


  1.  Check, whether you installed Docsify Chrome Extension , if not, just install it

  2. Check, whether you have Docsify icon above the settings button in Gmail interface. If not, check the #1 point, or disable other Chrome extensions that make an impact on Gmail interface (For example MixMax).



3. Compose your first email, add a test attachment (PDF) and insert the link.


4. Send it to ANOTHER email ID.

5.  Open this email as a receiver from that ANOTHER email id, from another device and another Wi-Fi network (for example, from a mobile device)

6. Click links and Open PDF.

7. Close PDF.

8. Go to your main email account that you have used to send an email, go to Sent Mail and click on Green Docsify icon.



PS. If your email wasn’t detected as opened, but clicks and attachment tracking were detected, please take a look at this article

PS. PS. If you had any issues while testing Docsify, or the tracking wasn’t accurate, please contact us at


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