Tracking & Productivity

How Docsify's email tracking works?

Docsify allows you to track multiple emails simultaneously. Some of the insights you can gain in real-time from the per-recipient email tracking feature are: - how many times your email was opened - how many times inserted links were clicked - how many times your PDF file was viewed - how many times inserted attachments were downloaded - what devices it was opened/clicked from - what geolocation it was opened/clicked from Emails are not the only things you can track using Docsify. U...

How to track attachments (PDFs, proposals) with Docsify?

Docsify ISN’T Only email tracking that shows who opened your email and when, but Also you can see how much time your recipient has spent on each page of your PDF. For example: To track your PDFs, attach these files using Docsify’s attach button. Please NOTE: We put attachments within the Text Body, so your recipients won’t lose these tracked attachments. To get statistics just click on Green Statistics Icon in Sent Folder and click on Documents icon: How does Do...

How to use Docsify's fast Text Shortcuts?

Use Text Shortcuts to make the emailing process easier and faster. Do you write your emails out of repetitive pieces of text? Insert them in your emails within seconds. 1. Go to the admin panel ( 2. Create your shortcut 3. Go to Gmail and insert Keyword to the message, press TAB key in the keyboard and your Text template will appear in the gmail message.

How to manage notifications in Docsify?

When the recipient performs any actions you receive real-time desktop push notifications. Moreover, if you missed those notifications, you get the messages from Docsify with the same information on your email. If it's no use getting all the notifications for you, you can make a choice of what to receive or not.