How can I disable tracking for special emails?

You can disable and enable email tracking on a global level and for a specific email. When you compose an email and don't want to track it, just disable all types of tracking in green icon Compose. Please take a look: If you want to change the tracking on a global level you should go to Settings ( and choose Tracking By default Also take a look at our quick articles: - How (

Do you track emails when my recipient forwarded it?

We show you whether your email was opened or not. But we don't show you that it was forwarded and to whom it was forwarded. Also take a look at our quick articles: - Is Docsify Free? ( - How to install Docsify? ( - First 3 steps to start getting value from Docsify after installing (

Can Docsify track emails that were sent from my gmail account to another email providers (for example Outlook, Spark and other)?

Yes. But in some cases the email open tracking won't work, due to the special settings in that email provider (read more in the article Why Just Email Open Rate Really Sucks ( But you'll easily track links clicks, PDF files page-by-page views, attachments downloads.

Why are email opens not being detected?

You get statistics about who opened your emails and when. And to give you such a data Docsify needs to put an invisible 1x1 pixel into your email. And sometimes you can see such a situation - when someone clicked a link but Didn’t open your email. Docsify ( might not track email open signals for one of those reasons: 1. Auto-Image loading is disabled. By default, the majority of email clients will automatically load images in the body of the received email. B...