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How do I make sure my emails and attachment are not going to spam?

If you use Email as one of the main communication channels with your clients and leads, you are afraid of being trapped in spam. That’s why Docsify made a lot to make your deliverability as high as it’s possible. So here are the steps you need to do to forget about Spam folder. 1. Set up your custom domain for email and link tracking. Docsify inserts a 1x1 pixel in order to track emails, and if you’ll have your own domain name on it, Docsify’s domain won’t make any impact on deliverabili...

How to check whether I set up custom domain for email and link tracking correctly?

If you have already read ( and been setup your custom domain for email and link tracking you want to check whether it ’s working for your emails, do the next steps: - Write an email with a tracking link - To test email and link tracking, you should follow these steps

How to set-up a Corporate URL for documents?

As you know, Docsify can track your documents and show you how much time your recipient has spent on each page of your PDF files. Take a look at how to track your documents ( To do that we convert your attachment into a tracked link with the Docsify’s URL We have a few options to customize that URL - Branding and Corporate (take a look at the difference between them (

How to set-up a custom domain for tracking emails and links?

Docsify tracks your email and links and shows you when your emails were opened and links were clicked. To track your emails we need to: - Put 1x1 invisible pixel in Email - Convert your link into trackable one Both pixel and the trackable link is connected to Docsify (the URL is…. ( But you can make this URL totall...