First 3 steps to start getting value from Docsify after installing


Docsify supercharges your Gmail/Gsuite with lots of new opportunities and statistics. And now we gonna share with you Top 3 steps to start getting value from Docsify from now.



  • Step #1

Add links, attachments (how to use attachments tracking) to your emails and start sending it to a group of people.

Once something happens with your email and content in it you’ll get detailed statistics directly in Gmail. (Note: Docsify tracks not only open but also link clicks and attachment views)



  • Step #2

Manage your Email Notifications about recipients activity

Once your recipients do any actions we alert you about it via Email. Our recommendation is to set email notifications due to your needs in Settings



  • Step #3

Create your first Email Template and forget about Copy Pasting. Take a look at How Docsify’s Email Templates work and create your first template in Settings (Also take a look at How Docsify’s Email Shortcuts work)



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