How to enable Push / Pop up notifications for Windows?

Windows released a new update and it changed the way Push/ Pop-up Chrome notifications work.

Now by default notifications are disabled. It means that you won’t be able to get Instant Push Notifications from Docsify about who opened your emails (or clicked links or viewed attachments) and when.

Check Notification in Windows Settings


1- First, we need to go to Notifications & actions window. And there are 2 ways to go to that window.

a) Hit the Start button, then select Settings  > System > Notifications & actions.



b) you can click the Action Center icon located at the lower-right edge of your window. Then click All Settings.



2- If you have chosen the second way, through Action Center, then you should be looking at the Windows Settings now. Click on System.


3- On the left side of System window pane, look for and click Notifications & actions.



4- Then on the right side pane of the window, under the Notifications subheading, you will see different Windows 10 push notification options. You can select and toggle any or all of the options.



5- Then enable notifications from Google Chrome.

Once you save that. Docsify will send you real-time push notifications about email activity.

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