How to set-up a Corporate URL for documents?

As you know, Docsify can track your documents and show you how much time your recipient has spent on each page of your PDF/ PPT/DOC.

Take a look at how to track your documents.

To do that - we convert your attachment into a tracked link with the Docsify’s URL



We have a few options to customize that URL - Branding and Corporate (take a look at the difference between them)

To make your Document corporate - WITH NO MENTION of Docsify in URL do the next things:

1. Create a new record for your domain. The Name/Host should be for example


2. Setup a DNS CNAME record with value in your subdomain's DNS settings. 

NOTE: If you're using CloudFlare as a hosting provider, please do one more thing - click on the orange button here 


3. Wait 20-25 minutes



5. Enter your Domain Name, choose CNAME, and push Search



6. If you get results where CNAME is equal to ,


  • go to step 8.

  • IF CNAME isn’t still equal to           go step 7.

7. Wait for some time, and then back to the step 6 again.

8. Go to Docsify Admin Panel - Settings - Branding -

9. Choose the Corporate and enter a subdomain you’ve created

10. Click “SAVE”

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