How to track attachments (PDFs, proposals) with Docsify?


Docsify ISN’T Only email tracking that shows who opened your email and when, but Also you can see how much time your recipient has spent on each page of your PDF.


For example:



To track your PDFs, attach these files using Docsify’s attach button.

Please NOTE: We put attachments within the Text Body, so your recipients won’t lose these tracked attachments.



To get statistics just click on Green Statistics Icon in Sent Folder and click on Documents icon:



How does Docsify track document?

  1. You Attach a document

  2. We convert that document to the tracked link (URL)

  3. It’s opened through “…” (or your custom domain - How to make a Custom Domain for Documents)

  4. Once a recipient closes a Document and we show you statistics



Also take a look: