How to track attachments (PDFs, proposals) with Docsify?


Docsify ISN’T Only email tracking that shows who opened your email and when - but Also you can see how much time your recipient has spent on each page of your PDF.


For example:



To track your PDFs, attach these files using Docsify’s attach button.

Please NOTE: We put attachments within the Text Body, so your recipients won’t lose these tracked attachments.



To get statistics - just click on Green Statistics Icon in Sent Folder and click on Documents icon:



How does Docsify track document?

  1. You Attach a document

  2. We convert that document to the tracked link (URL)

  3. It’s opened through “…” (or your custom domain - How to make a Custom Domain for Documents)

  4. Once a recipient closes a Document and we show you statistics



Also take a look:

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