How to switch to the new Gmail interface

As you know, Gmail launched the new interface last year and stopped supporting the old one version. So I'd like to draw your attention that Docsify also won't launch updates for the old Gmail version anymore. If you still have an old version of the Gmail interface you should update it to keep normally using Docsify. How to switch to the new Gmail interface: 1.Log into your Gmail account 2. On the top right corner click on the gear icon 3. Click on “Try the new Gmail” 4. It will take a f...

How to enable Push / Pop up notifications for Windows?

Windows released a new update and it changed the way Push/ Pop-up Chrome notifications work. Now by default notifications are disabled. It means that you won’t be able to get Instant Push Notifications from Docsify about who opened your emails (or clicked links or viewed attachments) and when. Check Notification in Windows Settings 1- First, we need to go to Notifications & actions window. And there are 2 ways to go to that window. a) Hit the Start button, then select Settings > Sys...

Contact Docsify team

If you need some help, please contact us: - General support and technical issues - - Max, CEO at Docsify - , LinkedIn (, FB ( - Natalia, CMO at Docsify - , LinkedIn (, FB (

How to Uninstall Docsify?

It’s sad to see that you want to stop using Docsify … but if you want it please follow these steps to uninstall Docsify from your Chrome: - Visit Chrome Extensions chrome://extensions/ - Find Docsify - Remove it - Visit this page - Find Docsify and click on the 'Revoke access' button - Confirm if you really want to revoke access to Docsify - If you had any issues please contact us at

How to Update Docsify manually?

Friend, our primary goal is to make Docsify better for you and make you happy with our app. And to reach this goal we fairly often make updates of Docsify which: - Improve current functionality - Add new features and opportunities - Fix bugs To get the New version of Docsify much faster we'd recommend you updating Docsify manually. To do this: 1. Go to chrome://extensions/ 2. Enable "Developer Mode" 3. Find Docsify extension 3. Click on "Details" 4. Click on ...

Can I delete emails from the dashboard?

Right now, the Dashboard shows your sent emails that have been sent using Docsify and tracking statistics for these emails. You CAN’T delete emails from the Dashboard. Also take a look at our quick articles: - How can I enable and disable tracking emails? (

Why don't I see the paperclip icon in sent attachments (documents)?

To show you how much time has your recipient spent on each page of the document you sent, we convert your documents into trackable links. So basically you don't send attachments, you send trackable links that look like attachments.

Does this app only work with Gmail and Gsuite?

Yes, Docsify works with Gmail/Gsuite interface only. But you still can use Docsify for tracking your emails going from non-Gmail accounts, Please take a look at our quick article "How non-Gmail users can use Docsify (" Also take a look at our quick articles - How to Install Docsify? ( - How to test Docsify (https://help.d...