Getting started: Install and first use

Is Docsify free?

Lots of people ask us: - Is it free? - What happens once Free Trial expires? Our answer: Docsify is 100% Free. For the first 14 days, you get a Free Trial of our Premium plan: Once your Free Trial ends you’ll get a 100% Free Plan with some limitation. Also take a look at our quick articles - How to Install Docsify? ( - How to test Docsify by your own? (

First 3 steps to start getting value from Docsify after installing

Docsify supercharges your Gmail/Gsuite with lots of new opportunities and statistics. And now we gonna share with you Top 3 steps to start getting value from Docsify from now. - Step #1 Add links, attachments to your email and send it to a recipient. Once something happens with your email and content in it you’ll get detailed statistics directly in Gmail. (Note: Docsify tracks not only open but also link clicks and attachment views). - Step #2 Manage your Email ...

How to test Docsify by your own?

Tracking accuracy is one of the advantages of Docsify comparing to alternatives (If you still haven’t seen our article about why just email-open tracking suck (, take a look at it). Not just because Docsify provides deep tracking, but also because we made lots of things to prevent spoiling statistics by your own opens and clicks as a sender. - Check, whether you installed Docsify Chrome (

Can it track already sent mail and let me know if it is read?

Nope! In order to track emails Docsify needs to insert 1x1 pixel within the emails you send. And Docsify does it during 10-15 seconds once you push “Send” button. So, Docsify can show you statistics on emails sent with Docsify only. Also take a look at our quick articles: - How to test Docsify ( ( your own? (

How can non-gmail users work with Docsify?

You're not using Gmail or G Suite but still want to get the value using Docsify. This is a quick guide for you. (Here we'll use an Outlook email account as an example, but you may use this guide for any other email provider: Zoho, Hotmail, Yandex, and so on.) Step #1 Create a new Gmail account ( For example - "" Don't worry it's free. Step #2 Go to Settings - Accounts and Import (

How to use aliases with Docsify?

In order to use Docsify for the Gsuite aliases you need: 1. Create an alias: - If you use Gsuite account, take a look at this article ( - If you use other non-Gsuite providers, such as Outlook, Zoho, Yandex and so on, take a look at this article ( 2. Add Docsify to your Main account: - Install Docsify ( - S...